Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Faucet / Tap

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Faucet / Tap

The kitchen faucet / tap is the eye catcher of the kitchen. It protrudes out of nowhere and is visibly noticeable especially when you have an island kitchen. I was reminded of going to a friend’s house who had such a kitchen and the first thing that caught my attention was their faucet / tap. They had a silver C-shaped Grohe faucet /tap with coiled surface. It had such a ‘wow’ effect on me that the brand Grohe was deeply imprinted in my memory.


Here are some tips for choosing a kitchen faucet / tap


Tip No. 1: How many tap holes does your sink have?


For sink mounted faucets/taps there is a wide variety of tap holes available. There are sinks with 3 tap holes: for cold water, hot water and the spout. However, sinks with one tap hole have been more common in recent times.

Tip No 2. What is the water pressure?

Purchasing a kitchen tap that does not suit the water pressure available at home is a waste of time, money and effort. Understanding your home´s water pressure will help you determine the kitchen faucet / tap you need. Normally, to determine the kind of kitchen faucet / tap for your home, you can look at the water connection point to determine if you need a low-pressure or high-pressure kitchen faucet / tap.



You need a high-pressure kitchen faucet / tap when there are two water pipes coming out of the wall. 




You need low-pressure kitchen faucet / tap when you use a boiler to get hot water and the cold water is connected directly to the water connection point on the wall.

It is recommended that you ask your plumber to determine the type of water pressure you have at home before purchasing your kitchen faucet / tap.


Tip No 3. Single or double handle?

Single handle


Such a function is convenient and stylish. The flow of the water and temperature can easily be adjusted withC one swift movement. It is an easy DIY. I recently helped my dad install one with a pull-out spout. It was not that difficult although it was my first time installing one of these spouts. I like this function so much better compared to the other options. When my hands are oily or I am bringing vegetables to wash, it is so much more convenient having an all-in-one function. Furthermore, design-wise they are more modern.


Double handle


When I see a double handle faucet / tap, it always reminds me of the countryside and the 1950s. They are classics and have a charm about them. However, they are totally not practical! You need to balance between the two handles to get the temperature right. It is like a balancing act, one small adjustment the water that comes out is either too cold or too hot! How do I know? My grandmother who lives in a half-timbered house has one and I am no fan of it. Worst of all if you have your hands full – no chance of getting the temperature you want.

Tip No 4. Pull-out spray?

Pull-out spray faucets /taps make cleaning easy and effective. No longer you have to bring the pot to the tap to wash areas that difficult to clean, but the spray can be extended effortlessly to the pot. The added function of flexibility for rinsing stuff out is convenient. 

 Tip No 5. The design

Consider the general design of your kitchen and sink. If you have a country looking design for your kitchen and sink, pairing with a modern complete chrome faucet and tap might not be suitable.

Tip No 6 C-Shape, U-Shape, L-Shape, R-Shape

Generally there are four spout styles for kitchen faucets / taps: U-shaped, C-shaped, L-shaped. And R-shaped, 


When you have an island kitchen sink, I would recommend having the U-shaped faucets / taps. This shape makes the kitchen look more majestic, expensive and has a great presence.

If your kitchen has a futuristic and modern feel to it, the C-shaped kitchen faucet is the way to go. The unique bending of the edges gives a touch of new workmanship rarely seen at home.

With the L-shape kitchen faucets / taps, this modern design is stylish and matches most kitchen styles. It is simple and has a functional feel to it.

The r-shape kitchen faucets / taps fit smaller kitchen better. They are practical and especially when you have a cabinet above your sink, the r-shape faucet / tap has a good height clearance.

Tip No 7. The Color

The color of your kitchen tap is as important as the other tips. Choosing a color that fits is like magic. It is a reflection of your personality and it is like the final painting stroke of purchasing a faucet / tap. Nowadays, we are spoilt with choices. We have traditional chrome, stainless steel finish and various colors: white, black, coffee, jasmine and anthracite.

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